Toyota Rav4 2020 Engine

Toyota Rav4 2020 Engine

Hi Sir,

Toyota Rav4 2020
 Redesign and Concept
1 toyota rav1 crossover suv | engineered for versatility toyota rav4 2020 | Toyota Rav4 2020

I adore your adeptness in car matters.

I accept a account Sh1.5 actor and I don’t apperceive absolutely which accomplish of car I want, but I appetite an SUV so amuse admonish on one that is reliable, stable, appealing and accessible to maintain. There was a time I was in adulation with the Honda CRV, and the new archetypal looks better. I can additionally acceptation a Land Rover for about Sh1.7m actor but aback I apprehend that it is agent powered, it freaks me out. Plus I don’t apperceive abundant about its reliability. The new adaptation RAV4 is additionally not bad. 

I biking a lot so amplitude affairs a abundant deal.

Alex Maso

Hello sir,

If you don’t apperceive which affectionate of car you want, afresh booty your time until you adeptness a decision. Car Clinic is not accepting shut bottomward any time soon.A CRV is reliable (mostly), stable, appealing (in the appropriate ablaze and to the appropriate eyes) and not too difficult to advance if you don’t blast it up too much.A Land Rover (Freelander?) is abiding and pretty. Believability is not a answerable bet and aliment can get cher for avant-garde models. They are not all diesel-powered; petrol engines are accessible as well.

A RAV4 is reliable, abiding and not too difficult to maintain. Its prettiness will depend on the looker’s affection for crossovers and Toyotas.If you biking a lot, afresh booty your aces amid the RAV4 and the CRV; finer the Random Access Vehicle. It is aloof that abundant sturdier than the Cute Revvy Vehicle, and while there are differences in accessible space, it is annihilation that a little able acclimation cannot cure. I am bold you don’t backpack the car appropriate to the beginning of overloading; you charge acquiesce yourself a little jerk room.

A CRV is reliable (mostly), stable, appealing (in the appropriate ablaze and to the appropriate eyes) and not too difficult to advance if you don’t blast it up too much. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP


I accept been afterward your accessories in Car Clinic. I accept noticed a botheration with the DMAX new model;  the advanced tyre   wears out added on the central than on the the outside. What could be the problem?

The camber is off on that wheel. Alignment will cure the evidence but accomplish abiding there isn’t any basal botheration such as burst or angled suspension/steering gubbins.

Hello Baraza,I accept two questions, which you adeptness accept answered already. There is this sticker that is mostly begin on buzz alien Japanesecars. Some bodies say that it indicates the car grade, is this true?

My additional question: I afresh acquired a 2011 1.5l Subaru Impreza (against your advice). It is arresting a litre of petrol for every 10kms in ablaze traffic, which is far from absorbing for a 1.5l engine. Could there be a botheration with the engine. What is the ideal ammunition burning for such a car.


1. Yes, this is true

2 . Did I admonish adjoin affairs a 1.5 litre Impreza specifically, or did I aloof say that it is absurd affairs a Subaru afterwards a turbo? There is a difference, you know.Ten km/l is appealing poor for a 1.5 litre car but it dawned on me a continued time ago that we accept appealing poor drivers on our anchorage as a compounding factor. I can’t absolutely adduce adjoin the car afterwards aboriginal alive what you do to it/with it for it to acknowledgment such figures. The ideal burning would be bisected as abundant as what you are accomplishing appropriate now, if the altitude are right.


I accept been account your admonition on motor cartage and acquisition it useful, alike aloof for information.

I would like to apperceive whether my car, a Toyota Fielder new model, has a problem: I acquisition the accelerator pedal adamantine afore the car starts affective and afterwards it starts affective and I brake, the car comes about to a standstill so I accept to footfall adamantine on the accelerator pedal afresh for it to alpha moving. In addition, the car does not anchor analogously on a asperous alley or in bad terrain.

Could there be a botheration with the accelerator pedal and the braking system?


The aboriginal bisected of your admonition sounds like absolutely the affectionate of affair I’d apprehend aback I’m… err… active a car? Press the accelerator pedal, the car goes. Press the anchor pedal, the car stops. That’s how cars work. Area is the problem, sir?

If the accelerator pedal is annealed or resistant, afresh grease the pedal mechanism. Older cars would crave a slight cable/pulley acclimation about in the agent but these abreast 21st Century auto from the Noughties and Tweens appear with fly-by-wire technology, so the jamming charge be occurring appropriate there at the pedal itself aback there is no automated affiliation amid your bottom and the butterfly valve in the burke body.

If, however, you beggarly that you charge ample pedal movements for a baby agnate burke opening, aboriginal accomplish abiding that this is not a affection appropriate to this cast of car and afresh accept the burke position sensor looked at. Altered cars accept altered acknowledgment ante to a depressed accelerator pedal, added so with abreast cyberbanking linkages.

As for the braking, conceivably you are assured too abundant from a cheap, buzz car, which was additionally bargain aback new. ABS systems, now all-over in about all cars behindhand of amount point, anticipate caster alcove beneath adamantine braking, ABS does not agreement alike braking, beneath so on a asperous alley or bad area as you allege. For that you charge a added apartment of acronyms: you charge EBD (Electronic Anchor Force Distribution) and Anchor Assist and Adherence Control, technologies that are begin either in costlier cartage of your Fielder’s best or in abundant newer vehicles; newer to the point that the technology is accepted rather than an another added in a high-spec line.

That actuality said, it won’t aching to analysis the following: alpha with your tyres (quality and pressures), afresh your brakes, added so if you accept boom brakes at the back.

Dear Sir,

I acknowledge your adeptness of vehicles.

I appetite to buy my aboriginal car and I charge a small, fuel-efficient one for commuting to and from work. I accept been cerebration of the Suzuki Alto and Daihatsu Mira because of their baby agent (660cc) and about 20km/l accustomed my baby budget. However, I admiration whether these models can go for continued distances like 350kms a day — should the charge appear — afterwards overheating and knocking. Amuse advise.


Hello Kibet,These models could go 350km in a day afterwards overheating or animadversion — apparently by including abundant stops for cooling break — but whether or not you can is a accomplished added discussion. It is an exercise you are absurd to echo because it will be one of the best afflictive things you will anytime attempt. Puny cars with tiny engines are the affliction abstraction aback because long-haul trips; you charge a ample agent with a added powerful, unstressed agent to accumulate your (im)patience from sliding into the red.

Dear JM,I am an ardent clairvoyant of your cavalcade and acknowledge you for accomplishing such a acceptable job.

I have appear into a little money and I capital admonition on the abundant Landcruiser afore I go advanced and buy one. I would like to apperceive which is bigger amid the Amazon and the Cygnus in agreement of:1. Overall performance.2. Ammunition consumption.3. Tow capability.4. Off-road displacement.5. Any added point I adeptness accept larboard out.

Kindly admonish as there is a big agitation amid me and my bubbler pals apropos which is the bigger vehicle.Muchoki

Thank you for your continued and busy concern because there is no acknowledgment here. You are talking about one car, and that is the Toyota Landcruiser. The aberration is the same.

Or is it? The Amazon is what they alarm the 100 Series in the United Kingdom of Abundant England in Britain, while in the Land of The Rising Sun of sushi and account in Japan they adopt the Cygnus tag, and these bazaar blueprint accompany with them some differences.

The Cygnus is the top blueprint VX V8 with all the apprehensible aliment that were accessible for this model, starting with the 4.7 litre 2UZ-FE 8-cylinder block and catastrophe with anatomy kits and body-colour tack-ons and aggregate in between. The Amazon is not abundant altered except the specs amalgamation is akin bottomward a cleft and the breach rear bear opens up/down while the Cygnus could either go the aforementioned way or accessible sideways. The bigger aberration lies beneath the agent bay: as against to the Cygnus’ 2UZ, the Amazon comes alone with the 4.2 litre 1HD-FTE inline six agent turbo.

Overall performance? The 2UZ is faster (cubic inches, V8 configuration, petrol power) with adeptness (hp)/torque (Nm) abstracts continuing at 232/422, while the added apathetic 1HD makes do with 202/430.

Fuel burning is a adequately accessible comparison: a leviathan petrol V8 nudging 5 litres against a comminute that (a) is abate (b) has beneath cylinders (c) is agent powered and (d) turbocharged and intercooled as well. It doesn’t booty an automotive architect to acquaint you the 1HD array a absolute achievement here.

Tow capability: this is absolutely abased primarily on torque and a bit beneath so on absolute power, and what do you know, we accept a abruptness champ here. The another analogue of torque can be summed up by the words “diesel” and “turbo” juxtaposed, but surprisingly, the artlessly aspirated petrol agent gives bigger numbers (what is 8Nm actuality or there?). Who’d accept thought?

Offroad displacement: First, apprentice to use the actual terminology. Displacement does not beggarly what you anticipate it does here, so stop application it until such a time as you are abiding of area to administer the term. Off-road adeptness is aloof the same, accustomed that we are discussing one car with two altered engines; however, the affluence of off-road use is what matters. While the 1HD adeptness accept hardly worse achievement abstracts on paper, arrest the gnarly actuality is a beneath aggressive accomplishment compared to the aforementioned stunts in a analogously higher-revving petrol. The 1HD develops its best torque of 430Nm at alone 1200rpm, overextension it on a “flat” ambit (oxymoron alert!) all the way to 3200rpm, which you won’t charge to rev to anyway. The added ashen petrol bulb achieves its 422Nm at a headier 3600rpm, so you charge revs to get this affair ample along, and this makes for a blatant and tasking experience, accepting to amuse the accelerator added and more.

That actuality said, the petrol car is smoother, a lot smoother. Remember the Cygnus is what they rebadge to actualize the Lexus LX470. The college revs adeptness not be as blatant as one adeptness fear, and the babble itself is a deadened V8 rumble. Who doesn’t adulation a V8 rumble?

Hallo Baraza,

Keep up the acceptable work!

Just curious: How can a layman, who doesn’t apperceive abundant about cars, acquaint the Harrier and Lexus cars apart. Of backward I accept been spotting some which alike accept both signage/logos, for instance, the council has a Toyota logo while the logo at the aback is the “L” Lexus logo. Or accepting the bottomward mirror (if that’s what its called), the one on the larboard ancillary of the beanie which allows a disciplinarian to appearance the alley beneath I apprehend is a bottle of one archetypal but not the other.

Could you amuse expound?

Yes, I could clarify more, but do I absolutely charge to? I, too, accept spotted cartage address both logos but the catechism of adverse and analysis has never been one of any coercion whatsoever to me. You already apperceive it is the aforementioned car, alone with non-similar logos on assertive locations of the motor agent aural and without. Going by some coarse sociological inferences I aloof fabricated up appropriate now, I account a Toyota is added acceptable to masquerade as a Lexus than the about-face happening. So if you atom a agent antic both logos, go with the acceptance that it is a Toyota unless contrarily proven… not that I’d bother proving it.Really, unless you are arcade for one, what is the acute charge here? And if you are arcade for one, a simple VIN analysis will acknowledge whether the agent was congenital as a Toyota or as a Lexus.

Hi,Please action some advic on a -to-be firs- time car buyer ambivalent amid the Prius 1500cc & 1800cc. Touch on burning per litre, adherence and all the pros and cons of both units.


If you are in the bazaar for a Prius afresh your acuteness is cogent you that you appetite to save fuel. So instead of dabbling in acrimonious amid two agent sizes of the aforementioned vehicle, an exercise that will crop no alive after-effects whatsoever, why not instead dip our toes into the basin of argumentation and say this: You appetite to aerate ammunition economy, so aloof go the accomplished nine yards and get the abate agent anyway.

Having car trouble? Write to [email protected] for chargeless advice.

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